Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give-Away #3 !!!

Have you become a food blog obsessed person like myself? Have you checked out the sites on my blogroll? If you are like me, you do often. And...I find myself printing out so many recipes. Good thing I have a great printer that is so cheap to print from!! Not to mention all the torn pages from magazines that I always have shoved inside cookbooks. Well...for February's give-away, I thought I would give you somewhere to put all these recipes.
Enter this fantastic hard back 3 ring binder! I have one that I love! It holds a ton of full sheet pages that I have slipped in sheet protectors. The tabbed sections have a pocket where you can throw all those loose recipes. It comes with pages to write 120 recipes on also. These bad boys cost $26 at the stationary store up the street. I know you will love it!!
How do you win this beauty? You must do TWO of the following:
1. If you haven't become a follower of my blog, DO!!
2. If you haven't "liked" me on facebook...DO! (for those of you who have -you can count this...I just started it this week)
3. Add my blog button (cut and paste the HTML code in the left sidebar of my blog page to yours by adding it as a widget) (you can contact me for more specific instructions if needed)
4. Add my blog to your blogroll.
5. Get two people to follow me. Call up your friends and tell them to check me out!!!
Rules: You have to email me or leave me a comment on my blog or facebook letting me know what you have done to be entered in the give-away. (Otherwise, how would I know!!) If you got two friends to follow me, let me know who those friends are. Time is up Saturday night! I will do a video drawing. I will ship the binder anywhere in the US.


  1. I have just found your blog. LOVE baking blogs! I now "like" you on facebook and have added you to my blogroll. Hope I'm your big winner! I so badly need to organize all my recipes!

  2. This is the cutest thing ever Linds! I have liked you on facebook, added you to my blog roll AND added your widget. Do you think I'm obsessed enough?

  3. I hate your blog...because I want to make EVERYTHING you post! Seriously. Not good. :) You are not helping me lose the post baby weight and trust me, there is a lot to lose! I am a follower!

  4. Well hello lady! Of course I liked you on facebook, and surprisingly I had not added you to my blog but of course I have now!! I hope I win! You know I love these recipe binders!(and your blog of course!)


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