Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dinosaur Topped Cupcakes

My oldest son Ben and I had a blast at a friend's birthday party last weekend! Nicest people in the world, great food, great company, and cute dinos everywhere. The birthday boy is one of my daycare kids that I LOVE dearly. Seriously, I have contemplated kidnapping him. Don't call the authorities...I won't. I have more kids than I can handle as it is!!!! ANYWAYS.... they hired me to do all the cupcakes and I had so much fun. I will tell you what I did... First I asked the mom of the birthday boy for a napkin/plate/something from the decorations to match colors and dino shapes. I bought dinosaur cookie cutters. They seemed a little too big for the cupcakes so I ended up using an Xacto knife to cut the shapes. I bought Wilton ready to roll fondant in neon and primary colors. 1 week before party day I rolled the fondant out and started cutting. I used wax paper to trace the dino shapes from the napkin and made one shape a little big and one a little smaller, till I felt like they were perfect size. Then I cut the wax paper template out, placed it on the fondant, and traced with an edible marker. Last, I carved each shape out with an Xacto knife. I made 24 shapes start to finish in 2.5 hours...time consuming!! I would recommend finding the right size and shape cookie cutter on line and ordering it. They are cheap and just plan ahead!!! I would make the dinos at least three days ahead so that they are plenty dry and stiff for party day.

The night before I used royal icing and tinted it a shade lighter than the dinos to outline and add spots and eyes. The black speck in the eye is a food writer marker. The dinos dried over night. And I baked chocolate chip cupcakes and oreo cupcakes. In the morning I piped on grass with a multi-opening grass tip. #233 Wilton tip. I used cream cheese frosting tinted green. Don't put your dinos in the grass til party time. Mine had delicate little legs that snapped sitting in the frosting. (Luckily, I tested this out with only one...that would have been a disaster!) I added a rock candy that I wanted to look like a rock. My candies were a little large and looked like dino eggs...but it worked!! Such a fun, inexpensive, easy project...with little stress because the dinos can be made so far ahead of time.

These dino fondant toppers were easy. No creative molding needed. Try them for a little guy you love!!! Or use the concept for another shape/theme!!!

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