Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brazilian Lemonade!!

The Countdown to Mexico continues...just had this bit of heaven with our dinner a few minutes ago. I rushed downstairs to blog about it. Here is a confession about little 'ol me. I have a Diet Coke problem. There, I said it. I do. I am addicted to the dark bubbly liquid of pure joy. I always think about it. We don't shop on Sunday so on Saturday I carefully remember to buy a 20 ouncer for the following day. Yeh....sad. I have been talking for ages about quitting the hard stuff and going to lemonade for a while now. Well, this stuff could be the secret to my detox. Smoothies, lemonade, etc. are all so full of calories. However, got to substitute the Diet Coke for something, right? Look forward to lots of drink recipes coming your way. I am serious this time about quitting...really...

Brazilian Lemonade
Source: Our Best Bites Cookbook

Toss the following ingredients into your cart...

1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water
4 juicy limes
6 Tab. sweetened condensed milk

Put your apron on and get busy ...

washing limes! Wash your limes with gentle hand soap because the whole lime goes in the blender. After they are clean, cut off both ends of each lime. Cut each lime in eighths.
Mix cold water and sugar in a big bowl, not the pitcher you want everything to end in. Add half of your lime slices and half of the sugar water in blender. Pulse blender 5 times. You still want plenty of chunks. Pour blender contents through a fine mesh strainer into your final pitcher. Repeat with the remaining lime slices and sugar water.

Whisk in sweetened condensed milk. Serve immediately over lots of ice. This doesn't keep well without separating, so, make when you are ready to serve!

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  1. I lived in Brazil so I remember how much the people there loved their condensed milk. Too bad no one ever made this lemonade for me. It sounds pretty good.


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