Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aunt Niecey's Rolls

My family is a little set in our ways. Why try anything new if you already have the best? Roll recipe that is... I am talking about years and years of my Aunt Denise baking her de-li-cious homemade, melt in your mouth, always fluffy, and amazing crescent rolls. Rolls are her assignment for EVERY family event. And they always steal the show. My husband can eat like 6 of them with his is quite the feat. After trying to find MY own perfect roll recipe (none compare) I gave up and called my Aunt "Neicey" for her recipe. Want to know the secret? They are Lion House Rolls. To learn all about The Lion House check it out here. They are famous for their recipes. This recipe requires time...two separate times for the dough to rise. But it is SOOO worth it. Look out here they come...

Aren't they beautiful. AND... I offer these rolls anytime for friends and customers. Check out the weekly menu tab. A dear friend of mine Paula Dean told me you can freeze freshly made rolls, pull them from the freezer a few hours before meal time, and warm them up in the oven. SHE would never steer you wrong. Sure enough...I tried it and WOW! Tastes exactly like freshly made,-slaved-over-the-stove -all -day- rolls. Paula, once again, you have changed my life for the better. And... without further is the recipe...

Lion House Rolls

2 packages dry yeast - if you don't have packages...this is 4 tsp.

1 egg

2 c. warm water

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup butter

2 1/2 tsp. salt

2/3 cup dry milk/powdered milk

5-6 cups of flour

Combine the yeast and water in your mixer and let it sit for awhile, five minutes or so until it is bubbly and you can smell the yeast. Add the sugar, butter, salt, dry milk, egg, and 2 cups of the flour. Beat till smooth and there are no butter chunks left.

Add 2 more cups of flour, 1 at a time and beat until smooth. Add still another cup of flour and mix until it is well mixed in. Take dough out of mixer at this point and knead on a floured surface till it is not sticky anymore and it is smooth and satiny.

Gather dough in a ball and put in greased bowl. Let rise in a warm place until triple in bulk. My mom would always put hers by the fire place. Mine go in a room with the door shut and a space heater on. This step seems to take about two hours for me.

On a floured surface, let the dough rest for about 10 min. This lets the gluten in the dough relax a bit and lets the dough roll easier without springing back too much. I roll mine out in a big circle like a pizza dough and cut it into triangles like cutting a pizza. Roll each triangle starting at the short end to the skinny point to make your crescent rolls. You could also do clover leaf rolls by rolling dough into small balls and dropping three into each muffin tin. These turn out really pretty too.

Place on greased baking sheet. I swear by Silpat!!! Brush with melted butter. And let rise about another hour and a half til puffy.

Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 min. My oven is CRAZY and only takes 9 check your rolls early the first time!

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