Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dalmatian Cupcakes Part II

First of all, if you are reading this post and haven't read its' Part I below. Then come back to this post for the "riveting" conclusion of the pups! Part I was done the night before the big party. I started at 9:30 pm and worked till 2:00 am. I made 36 dalmatian cupcakes. I feel it is important to notify any of my millions of followers out there of the time these took before you might get crazy like myself and undertake these bad boys. Part II steps are below and really only took about 2 hours. So total time commitment was about 7 hours. But, some things are worth dedicating the time to. Since I didn't LOVE the result...don't know if this project was...but maybe you will feel differently. Leave a comment and let me know your opinion!

Okay, where we left off yesterday was with the mouth of the doggies intact, the snouts constructed, and the cupcake frosted over. Here we go... I know you are all on the edge of your seats I am sure...
As you can tell by the cotton ball holding up the mouth of one injured pup in the above photo, some of my dalmatian's mouths didnot hold. Dang it! This is where my breakdown occured. I was able to re-glue most of them with frosting. I felt like a surgeon at work. The pressure was on. :) After repair work, I used black frosting to attach little black jellybeans as the noses.
Forgive some of these photos. I did not have my professional photographer with me this day. This was all me and my fancy shmancy $100 camera baby! OK, next was the jelly bean eyes. And adding spots. This is were I really was struggling. The spots were camoflogauging the eyes. I tried bigger eyes, smaller eyes, marshmallow eyes, big spots, smaller polka dots, and didn't love any result. So, I stuck with the instructions and used the jellybeans.

Next to come were adding the ears. These didn't want to stay on and I decided to finish all the dogs without the ears and add them on at the party...much easier for travel. So I cut the ears out and brought them along. The book Hello Cupcake! (link provided in yesterday's post) called once again for Famous Chocolate Wafers for the ears. Who the h#$% carries these?! Anyways, I found some chocolate mint cookies that worked okay. They were fancy shmancy and expensive though. I ran out and had some generic oreos on hand. These actually worked just dandy. I separated the cookie, scratched off the frosting, and cut each cookie like a ying yang symbal to create the ears. Then I attach them to the side shoving them into the cake part of the cookie and you have got your self a funky cute looking dalmatian! Woof!

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