Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Give- Away Number 2!!!

( I borrowed this photo from www.cleaneatingmag.com... hope they don't mind!!!)

Hello Followers!!! In order to encourage each other in our New Year's Resolutions...I am giving away a year subscription to Clean Eating Magazine!!! You will love it! I don't know a single person who doesn't love to receive a magazine in the mail, let alone one that will encourage you to better health. Check out http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/ for samples and to get you excited. (By the way, I am not affiliated with them at all or paid by them. I am just a raving fan! ) Here are four ways to have your name entered in the drawing:

1. Get me 2 followers. Leave me a comment, call, or shoot me an email letting me know the 2 friends you had follow The Box.

2. Add my blog button (in my left sidebar) to your blog. Simply add it as a gadget in your design tab of your blog by copying and pasting the HTML code provided. Contact me with questions.

3. Make one of the recipes I have posted and leave me a comment letting me know how it turned out.

4. Add The Bakery Box to your Blog Roll.

Do all four, your name is entered four times. Do one of the four, your name is entered once, etc. The give-away deadline is Friday, January 14th 5:00 pm. The subscription will come straight to your house. And you will love it!!!


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