Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from The Bakery Box!

How was everyone's Holiday?!!! I have been in Utah the last few days enjoying some down time. Sometimes being on vacation really makes you realize how crazy real life is. I have had so much fun cuddling my boys and playing with them. I am really going to have to focus on this more in real life. What have you enjoyed doing? Our boys came down with strep throat and we had to pay a butt load, yes, a BUTT load for them to go to InstaCare here out-of-network. Now three days later, the baby, little Luke has a fever--ggrreeaatt!! More money down the tubes!! Perfect time of the year for that!! What did you get for Christmas? I got a CAMERA!! A really nice new camera to take pictures for my blog...oh! So exciting and unexpected since my husband is rather, er...thrifty. Well, we get back tomorrow and and we dive right back into real life. I am helping a friend out with her wedding, making 150 sugar cookies, cheesecakes, chocolate covered caramels, lemon tarts, etc. Should be an adventure...stay tuned!!!

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  1. Oh babe! Sorry about the strep--that is the worst. Hope you had a Merry Christmas anyway. So excited that you got a new camera. Can't wait to see the photos. XO


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