Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marshmallow Fudge without the Fluff

Well, a vacation is a vacation and mine was MUCH needed. I don't even care that all my boys were sick, that we barely left the house, or that Wyatt, who is usually so good became possessed. (seriously, something happened to that child while we were gone...) I didn't even care that an 8 hour car ride turned into 11 hours and that the above child whined or screamed almost the whole way was a VACATION and I am so grateful for it. Anyways...I'm BACK and I have so many fun posts and delicious recipes to share.
What was your favorite thing you ate over the holidays? Me? My favorites were all my mom's classics: meatloaf, beef stroganoff...yum. And some new favorites: a delish and healthy spinach artichoke dip, minty meringue chocolates, Christine's chocolates, and my new favorite fudge recipe that is sooo easy. I will share all of these with you in the weeks to come. For now, make this fudge for a New Year's Eve Party!!
Please forgive the above photo. It does not do this fudge justice. I have my new camera when my pro photographer gal pal is not around. AND...I am taking photography classes starting in two weeks. Stay tuned and I can share tips with you guys as I learn!

Marshmallow Fudge without the Fluff
Source: My dear friend Shelley Pesta gave me her mother-in-laws coveted recipe her own words...

In a glass bowl: 2 cubes butter, 12 oz choc chips & 1 tbsp vanilla (waiting on counter until the end) (don't blend)
In a nonstick pan: 12 large marshmallows, 12 oz evaporated milk & 4 cups sugar
Stir everything in pan & apply heat (med/hi) Don't stop stirring!!! Bring to a boil (make sure not to scorch bottom)
Boil for 6 min (liquid will have bubbles popping and pulling away from the pan sides)
Dump the hot liquid over the mixture in the glass bowl & stir
Pour contents of glass bowl on a cookie sheet sprayed with Crisco or butter
Put in fridge to set

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  1. Lindsey that is the best fudge....yummm. We made it with milk chocolate and it was great. Thanks You are the best.


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