Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are You Out There? And...The first Bakery Box Give-Away!

Hello friends and family and The Bakery Box fans! Please follow me. In the left column of this page, click on follow, share your email address, and follow me. For those of you who are not familiar with blogs, this doesn't mean you are giving your info to the whole world or committing to anything. You will just be helping me fulfill a personal goal of getting 200 followers in six months. This doesn't help me in any monetary fashion, just helps me know you support me. In fact, ATTENTION PLEASE!!!

For those of you locally, if you are not a follower, follow me and get two friends to follow me and you get a dozen free cupcakes-your choice- anytime!!! Just leave me a comment letting me know who you got to follow me and I will choose a winner from a hat! (High tech, I know! :) )

Thanks everyone! As always, I appreciate the support!
I will draw a winner Friday!


  1. I wish I lived close maybe it is good that I don't I would be getting rounder and rounder. Keep it up. i love following you!!!

  2. Honestly people! Follow this adorable blog! Count me in on the giveaway! I am always telling people about your blog!

  3. Count me in on the giveaway too! If I win the cupcakes, I will take all 12 for myself next time I am in Denver. :)


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