Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I have been up to...planning a TEA PARTY!

Wish you could have come???!!! I would have loved to have had you!! I was so busy last week getting ready for this Mother's Day Garden Tea Party that I seriously didn't think of much else!! Forgive me. The Bakery Box shall never be put on the back burner again. Keep coming back...promise to post lots more.

That being said...a month or so ago, I had this crazy thought that I should throw a party. Always wanted to go to a fancy tea party...so I did it. And unlike so many things in my life that I build up to perfection and am then disappointed, this actually turned out beautifully. It snowed so Paul saved the day and moved all the furniture out of our main room to the garage. It ended up picture perfect. The mismatched wood chairs and china were so eclectic. I did all the baked goods but bought everything else. Thank goodness cause I had enough to think about. 2 new recipes to share with you that were a HUGE hit...cucumber sandwiches and yummy lime tarts. More tomorrow!! Which one will I share? 1 of these recipes and more picts from the party. I am going to do this every Mother's Day! Better start planning now...

1 comment:

  1. I want to come next year. What a great idea. I don't want to miss out. Looks like soo much fun. Yu are wonderful Lindsey and so thoughtful of your friends. They are lucky to have you as a friend. Love you


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