Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Princess Cupcake Toppers

I have three boys. Sigh! No princess movies, dresses, etc. here. My friends sometimes take pity on me and invite me with them to activities like Princesses on Ice, or on mommy daughter dates to broadway shows. Sigh again. Maybe someday...not soon though. This mom is at her limits currently. Anyways, a friend of mine asked me to make princess cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. I was thrilled! Any excuse for girlyness!! These were super easy and fast. Here is how I did it...

1. Buy some of this or this. I used a half and half mixture of the two (fondant and gum paste)
It was delish and dried super fast.

2. Color it desired shade with paste food coloring.

3. Roll it out as thick as a nickel.

4. Use a small princess cookie cutter and cut desired quantity out.

5. Wrap princess crowns around spice shakers to curve as they dry.

6. Once dry attach silver nonperils with royal icing.

7. Gently press onto frosted cupcakes.


  1. Thats a cute easy idea! Love it!

  2. I should report on these. I was going to call, but it just never happened. Anyway, HUGE hit, with both the boys and girls. They were most interested in the crown and thrilled that they could eat the silver "jewel" on it. Most of the kids took extra time eating their cupcakes--it was really cute to watch them slowly dissect and eat the different parts. Thank you!


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