Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yet another week of craziness here. Watched 6 kiddos Monday thru Friday, taught preschool two days, went to my cake class, and did all the other normal every day acts of mothers/ women everywhere. How do we do it gals!!?? I did 6 orders this weekend! The Bakery Box is busy folks! I am having so much fun! Can't wait to share with you some of my orders. Aren't these super cute?! They were so fun and easy to do also. I made 24 flowers in a little over 1 hour...worth it.

You will need:
small and large daisy cookie cutter
pink fondant or gum paste with pink petal dust
plastic easter eggs

First roll out your fondant or sugar paste. I used half sugar paster, half fondant. Mine was white and I brushed it with pink petal dust. Cut equal amounts of large and small daisies. With a dot of water, place a small daisy on the top of a large daisy. Place each flower in half of a plastic easter egg or a flower former. They will dry curled. Dot with royal icing in the centers. The cutest cupcake toppers EVER!!

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