Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday "Party" Post #2

I thought I would share some more picts of Wyatt's party...mostly to share this other cupcake topper idea with you. As you can see, the dried pineapple flower- topped cupcakes were for adults. I put little toy Star Wars guys on the top of the kids' cupcakes. It was a hit!! They were all fighting over who got what cupcake. Then I had to break the news to the kids that they didn't get to keep the toy...didn't think through this before-hand...they seemed a little bummed. Maybe if you say it before they all start calling dibs that would help? My original idea was to make fondant light sabers to top each cupcake...that would be simple easy and cute. But I ran out of time and this worked with the theme. I soaked the toys in bleach diluted water first, rinsed them, and let them dry completely. No body wants kid slobber in their frosting now do they?!

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