Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

So my friend had her baby on July 2nd of last year and decided to do a 4th of July themed barbecue for her little girl's birthday. Being the clever, caring, creative gal I am, I of coursed jumped at the chance to make a cake. I am too kind, I know. We got together and had quite the party creating this little concoction. A couple of hours and a bag of Twizzlers later, baby Gwyneth had this festive patriotic cake to celebrate her birthday, as well as that of this marvelous land. Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday as well!

This became a two layer cake covered in fondant. It was actually pretty delicious and all the kids at the party were quite impressed. We put sparklers in the top which was really fun. Maybe not super safe to do indoors, but super fun. And hey, fun is what I am all about!

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