Sunday, June 12, 2011

Painting Bread Summer Project "for the kids"

I do this activity twice a year with my preschool kiddos. Rainbow week is one of them. I also just did it with my summer camp kids this week. We were learning about art and famous artists and we had a blast. They painted their bread in all kinds of designs and then...wa la! Perfect snack! This is a fun, cheap, non-messy little project for your kids home from school this summer. Are they driving you crazy yet??!! Here is what you need and do...

You will need:

White bread

a few tablespoon of milk in little dishes

food coloring

little paint brushes

Add food coloring to the milk. The more colors, the more fun! Use a dab of paste food coloring of a few drops of liquid food coloring in each little bowl of milk. Dip in your brush and paint away! Have a contest, practice mixing colors, draw shapes, etc. Have fun!!

1 comment:

  1. My littles will love doing this-thanks for sharing! Holly


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